Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let's Go to Our New Home

So yes, we've been testing and trying and especially trying to make tech-idiot like me to work on the entire website and now the blog over there.

YES, we're combining the blog and the website into ONE. Go to our home and click the blog box on the right panel and TahDah you'll be seeing my post again.

Now go on and try, and tell me what do you think. And I hope I'll see you there, always. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Guinness vs Genius

Ms. Daphne Guinness. The only Royalty-Who-Matters left on earth.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Its a spit second decision that haunted his entire life, with the effect goes as far as his younger generation and a co-worker. How amazing Kim Edwards has written a story of regret and redemption. We'll say that story such as this, would never happen to us, nor have we heard of such around us. Perhaps that is true, but everyone of us are haunted by some kind of regret that we've hold dear to our heart. The little secret we do not know how to make others understand, even to the rest of the world, it is as simple as sharing it at the right place and the right time.


So imagine, if Dr. David Henry has told his wife Norah, about the wrong decision he'd make and his regret on it, things would be so different. A life time spent on regret and anger, and a life time of misunderstanding of thinking love has lost between the husband and wife, and a life time of regret having the kid thinking the father never did love him, and a life time passed as that.

I was heart broken through out the period of reading this book, but I love the irony of life, and that, none of us can escape of it one way or the other.

A lovely and meaningful read indeed. 

Monday, November 09, 2009

M-IFW 09 Curtain Unveil

One of the session of the Malaysia International Fashion Week 09.
Now that the whole huu-hah is ended, I didn't hear anything good for the overall week (except the very few shows) from the insiders, nor the outsiders.
Alas, plenty to improve and work hard on.

Dear all, fahsion is a tough business and organizing a fashion week contrary to popular belief, is all about hardwork and talent.


Well, yes, its a good thing to have a "Face of M-IFW09" which is Andrea Forseka, Ex-Miss Malaysia + Ai Tominaga to walk the show.
But the content and depth of each show, is still the essence of any fashion week.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

It's All about S-E-X-Y

What would fashion world be without Kate Moss and her 20 years in it?

Honestly I'm not entirely a die-heart Kate Moss fan, but one has to agree that she can just throw so much mood into every fashion shoot.

Her latest for Top Shop, the company that literally saved her then-troubled-career, and life.
In this collection she turned to East for inspiration.
I don't know exactly what is the direction behind the shot/campaign, but to me it has gone the other way - the 60's Shanghai Hooker Look.
Nonetheless as I said, she is a great poster actor and this work for the ad!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Clean and Cool

Simple and clean set up styling and shots by Stella McCartney.
Inspiration for our next photo shoot! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Legend x The Pleats

Issey Miyake FW09/10
The color combination, the flow and the style.
The right direction to continue the brand's fabulocity.

Taken from MilkX Aug09.

Monday, October 26, 2009


So smitten by Taylor Tomasi and her style, and her beautiful red head, I'm completely taken and wanna go run to the hair stylist now for a copycat work!
I bet it'll be FUN to go RED and BRIGHT! Yes?


How could you NOT in love with Taylor Tomasi? HOW?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Funny Jordi

FW09 Jordi Labanda just landed in our store. Lots of fun and we're sure it'll be a great season!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black & White for Sunday

Styled by The Impossible Emmanuelle Alt


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BIG Breakfast for Good!

Bangsar Village is having a cool theme activity on 31st Oct to 1st Nov 09.
I think this is very meaningful and fun when you have all the foodie people doing this together.
Let's see if I can take in more than one breakfast!

Check out the flyer!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Start All Over Again

This will never end because designer paper bags are to-die-for and to-be-treasured.
Article taken from The Star, 28th September 09.

A designer paper bag has a different connotation from being a mere goods carrier.

By Kaori Shoji

In a city once known as fashion addict central for Asia, the shop-till-you-drop lifestyle has not only become passé, it’s now also an object of ridicule.

Examples of excessive consumerism no longer draw envious sights; they are now a cue for laughter. Early this year a 33-year-old woman had so crammed her studio apartment with designer shoes, bags and clothing that she couldn’t find the front door and called in a television crew (armed with a crowbar) to come wrestle her out of the choking mass of luxury products while the whole process was aired on a variety show.

Still, the Tokyo Girl insists on having fun, and that has manifested itself in the trend of carrying paper shopping bags in lieu of back-packs and briefcases. And not just any bags, but ones marked with brand logos – the more upscale or upbeat the better.

In Harajuku, Japan’s famous teen stomping grounds, Ayaka Nogami, 17, was toting around a lumpy Prada shopping bag on a recent day. Inside were her school gym clothes, a plastic canister with a vitamin drink and her lunch box.

“It used to be my older sister’s,” Ayaka said. “But it got a little creasy, and so she let me have it for 300 Yen (RM11).”

Ayaka also has a shopping bag from Cecil McBee, a popular girl’s brand, whose flagship boutique is in the famous 109 Building in Shibuya. She procured the bag two months ago when buying a dress and a pair of black summer tights, with money earned from working the register at her neighborhood convenience store.

“This is the bag I save for weekend dates with my boyfriend,” Ayaka says, adding that after each outing she irons the bag – after turning it inside out to avoid burning the logo. And then she folds it away.

“For me, shopping is a special occasion,” she says. “The bag will be a reminder of that day, how I felt when I bought the dress, the whole experience.”
The trend, as it were, is not new. In the early 1980s, teenagers used to carry their school things and sports gear in designer shopping bags, mainly to broadcast their social standing (showing that they could afford these boutiques).

Now, the meaning behind the paper bag syndrome is more nuanced, and tinged with parsimonious romance. Adults and teenagers carry them around to bask in the memory of a shopping (splurging) occasion, partly because the “eco-bag” trend has run its course.
“I don’t really like carrying eco-bags,” says Asami Harada, 24, who works at a bookstore in Shibuya. “I’m concerned about the environment and all that, but I’m not interested in promoting myself as a nature-lover.”

Harada was also carrying a Cecil McBee paper bag and inside were her make-up case, a packet of cigarettes, a paperback to read on the train, a magazine, a small towel, a plastic bottle of water and a box of chocolates. She carries her train pass, wallet, cellphone and handkerchief in a smaller shoulder bag and says that “this is the way women utilize their bags – valuables in a proper bag, and everything else in a paper one.”

It’s typical of the Tokyo femme to divide her belongings into two different camps. Many women carry yet another paper shopping bag for their purchases. These can range from sneakers to radishes to cartons of soy milk – the important thing is to refuse the plastic bags offered and nonchalantly take out a boutique shopping bag.

Akiho Mizuta, a part-time waitress in her late 20s, says, “I think most women have their own personal paper bag hierarchy. The really good ones are for holding personal belongings, the ordinary ones are for holding groceries, the cute ones for using as gift wrappings, etc.”
The paper bags actually constitute a market, and have been auctioned on the Internet for as much as 2,000Yen (RM76) for a large-size Louis Vuitton paper bag. A Cecil McBee shipping bag, whose eye-catching logo is often emblazoned in gold – sells for as much as 800Yen (RM30.60).

It’s little wonder that, in spite of the recession, Tokyo’s closets continue to be crammed to the hilt – less so with Prada and Marc Jacobs dresses than their paper wrappers. If you can’t afford to shop, the best approximation seems to be the memory of having done so and, failing that, even the pretense will do.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tamara Oh Tamara

Now, I know about this great artist, but if it wasn't for The lovely and talented Pearl, I would not have work on more to know Tamara de Lempicka better.

Now for the first comprehensive collection of Maya&Ruhi, Pearl has made Tamara de Lempicka her muse, and created a collection that is gorgeous!

The items are just out of box, and I'm very sure every enthusiast of Maya&Ruhi will love them as much as I do!

Already with lots of explanation about her muse, images and story here at her blog, I'm just gonna give you a short preview of this very beautifully crafted collection.

Available mid October at all MAYA&RUHI counters. 

Baroness in White and Pink

Passionista, Destinee


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Surface To Air

Very cool! I somehow always ended up with greyish tone item.


I'm gonna get myself these. Anyone else wanna order? fashion is sharing :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Arrivals!

We have some little cute stuffs just came into the store and we love them.
The hand-painted clutches, the Bollywood jewelry and the oh-so-soft silk scarves!

Here are some of our favorites! 






Monday, October 05, 2009

Handsomely Sweet

So much chemistry together.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Overdosed Work Trip

Had a great time in Hong Kong, working and eating and walking endlessly.

The Weather from my window

The bridge


Racks and Racks

The lovely people of HK

The Love

Cute charms

My favourite magazine on display

A place with so much excitement.  It's great to be in Hong Kong after a long while.