Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm no particular big fan of her, but Alek Wek always seem to surprise me.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SOMETHING By Natalie Wood. SOMETHING to have fun with.

We love SOMETHING by Natalie Wood simply because it is easy, fun and so comfy.
Nothing speaks easy breezy good feeling of throwing over her items on a HOT HOT day.

Personal favourite? The black Wolf Tee. Lovely cut and even more lovely material.

The Arrow to start with.

Print Tee

Fringe Short Dress.
Necklace by Padmini Jewelry.

Full length.

This is my favourite piece.

Another comfy tee in white, wolfie too.

The black Bat Wing Cut Dress.
I wear this so often I have to keep more pieces.
Accessories by MAYA&RUHI.

Grey marble Dress.
Accessories by Padmini Jewelry.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Top 5 @ Yohji Yamamoto FW09

The master showed yet another cool collection of edgy cutting and handwork recently.
The older I get, the more I learned to appreciate the importance of beautiful cuttings of these masters, and how well they would make you feel when you move around with them.

Long drape dress.
There is absolutely no issue in picturing myself in this dress, that could easily take me from one end to the other of the world.

Fabric mixing is yet another special skill of Master Y.
I love how the outer layer simply enhance the inner layer and cutting of the heavier fabric underneath.
And the pinkish ankle bootie.

More complicated and structural work here. But I think this make the whole dress so 3D feel.

Similar treatment, but yet very different.
And it's an orangey-red suit!

Another of my favourite dress.
The collar, and the cut.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Belong to Me

I picked up this album in the music store the other day. It is amazing.
Carla Bruni's "Comme si de rien n'etait".
Love her low and husky voice mixing together with so much of emotions.

Favourite track has to be You Belong to Me. A cover version of Bob Dylan's old song.
But it's a totally different feeling, singing slowly and lowly from her heart.

Obviously like many who don't know Carla Bruni well, I've not had high expectation when I took the cd to try on, and immediately I knew I was wrong.
And yes, this is her 3rd album indeed.

It is one of the few best albums I've picked up since 2009. Gonna check out her earlier albums, and heard they were great as well.

And I love how she looks in this picture - comfortable in her own skin, happy, radiant and every inch her own personality.

Monday, May 11, 2009


All eyes on MET ladies last week.

After a long hard look at, here are my personal favourites. These ladies are in such good shape, not only the gowns are pretty, most importantly each of them look like a goddess in a way without the clothing over-shadowing their personalities.

Isn't that the spirit of MET?

My personal favourite. Alek Wek looks 5 thumbs up in this Ungaro dress. And still looks every bit of Alek Wek.

I've always have a soft spot for this pretty.

Anne doesn't do this style often, but when attempt is made, she made sure its right.
I think its pretty cool, and she can carry of the *bloody hell* look.

A surprise to me, honestly. But Blake Lively is every inch a glam queen here.
Oh and the pose.

Very cindy Crawford no doubt, but Cindy still makes every dress looks like she just pull it out from the closet.
This is what you say, eerr, experience?
Love the side slit by the way. Always.

Love the cutout on Ms. S's dress.

Love Chanel Iman (on the right). Always a fan of her catwalk and photo shoots.
And now she added more poise on her own.
The girl is growing up the right way!

Coco Rochas looks stunning @ MET. Top to toe perfect.
A gold mermaid perhaps?
And what is the best weapon to melt hearts? SMILE baby that sweet sweet SMILE.

She always manage to carry off pretty heavy stuff, but here she shows off the simplicity in her own way, with personality top the list.
Nothing specifically outstanding in this whole look, and that is exactly my point.
Everything looks 'come together' for the sake of Charlize.
Oh, love the blonde.

NOW, these are my true goddess.

Iman. The pearl.

Agyness Deyn. THE undisputable goddess. Awesome overall.

Erin O'connor. THE legend.

Yasmine Lebon. The goddess of them all.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Did a little styling twist with my new toy - the wiggie wig. I absolutely love the style and length, for my real hair would never turn out this way even if I cut it.
And my beloved Georgina Goodman. Lovely!

One for the road, and the memory.

With the fashionista babe visitor Rina Hashim.

Ahhh my Georgina Goodman. Love the heel details.

Closer to the stripes, and the Made In Love signature.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Yes, finally!
This May, we @ Lush Icon are proud to present the first crossover with Boomwave Productions in bringing you the coolest iphone 3G skin!
Boomwave is the creative house the responsible for designing cool accessories for anything 'i'!

Check out these 4 designs we have, and they are FREE with purchase of RM450 and above!
But if you would just like to have the skin, purchase is welcome too!


Friday, May 01, 2009


Hot on the selling floor is the new collection of HANSEL.
comfy and cute knits are all you need for a perfect outing day.

V-neck knit dress.
With little bows around.

Come closer.

V-neck Little Bow Knit Top
So very cute and proper.

The Bow & Ruffle Dress.
Love how the 'flips' work its way down in the center.

Bow & Ruffle Singlet

The v-neck Knit in Short Sleeve.
My favorite piece. Easy easy easy. grab the top + any pair of your jeans & wooaallaa!

Long Sleeve version of the little bow knit top.
This one is elegant, proper yet fun.