Friday, May 30, 2008


Eva Longoria-Parker, mum-to-be Jessica Alba, always fabolous Kate Hudson, forever self-confidence Paris Hilton, Pretty Katherine Hielgh, Linsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and a whole lot of the Hollywood A-List has seen going out around town with her.

Lush Icon is going to love this BFF!!

Do you know who is she?

Desperato Housewife Eva Longoria-Parker

mummy-to-be Jessica Alba

Always HOT Kate Hudson

Hilly star Audrina

Katherine H- she is wearing 3 Large Chain-Original at the same time!

Katherine H wears it on red carpet too!

Heidi Montag - high on hairband & Como Wrap!

Lightly pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

Shopping Queen Linsay Lohan

Linsay Lohan out at Tinseltown

If you dont know who is this BFF, watch out for our updates soon! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The most recent event we've done in May (12th - 18th) was with the prestige Hilton Hotel KL. The event was co-organized by Hilton KL and New Zealand Trade Commission. We are greatly honoured to be part of this event and thanks to all @ Hilton KL + New Zealand Trade Commission for the support.

There are just too many photos so I'm just gonna put up a few that is more meaningful to share. Like this above pix - it is the traditional Mauri dance & I really love it!
This dance was performed during the opening ceremony before our fashion show.
It's the real spiritual dance!
(Ok everyone keeps talking about the super-toned dances. i know i know...)

Finale - we did a fashion show featuring the well-known New Zealand designer Karen Walker. These are just the final 3 outfits.

The Khiews. But I often call ourselves "Q", which has the exact same pronounciation as our surname. Knowing that many people hardly able to pronounce our surname correctly. In full black Karen Walker dress is me RQ (as in Rachel Q), mum in the middle & sister PC Q on the right. Mum & sister wearing our best-selling label, Jordi Labanda.

Karen Walker jewelry standee. Quirky...

We flown in the Karen Walker Jewelry especially for this event. They are just so pretty!

Our pop-up store at Level 5, Hilton KL for the whole week. Shown here is the bag section.

The girls @ backstage after the fashion show.

With Mr. Richard Tankensley from Malaysia New Zealand Trade Commission.

With pretty She Pin, owner of Anya Hindmarch boutiques in Malaysia.

Ahhhhh.... *slurpsssss*

We had a blast for the whole week and are looking forward for another chance to work together with these wonderful people.

Signing off with LOVE,


Monday, May 26, 2008

We should have done this long time ago. But it is never too late for good things to start. :)

We've dedeicated time to our website and now we would like to do the same for this blog. Somehow blog would be alot more interesting and interactive.

We tell you, and you tell us. :)
And after 2 years, there are just too many things to recap if we were to start from day one. I would love to do that, but will be a very emotional one. How could it not be?
Lush Icon started out just as an idea, small little thought. Then the baby came along and I've since be inseperable with her. I love her.
It is not always easy to raise her. There are times I would be so weak to face the truth of the harsh world. But I have never thought of giving up on her.
Today there are many who loves her. And I'm very glad for all the love. If you are one of those wonderful people who love her, I want to thank you for the support.
And everyone is welcome to be part of this family.