Friday, May 30, 2008


Eva Longoria-Parker, mum-to-be Jessica Alba, always fabolous Kate Hudson, forever self-confidence Paris Hilton, Pretty Katherine Hielgh, Linsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and a whole lot of the Hollywood A-List has seen going out around town with her.

Lush Icon is going to love this BFF!!

Do you know who is she?

Desperato Housewife Eva Longoria-Parker

mummy-to-be Jessica Alba

Always HOT Kate Hudson

Hilly star Audrina

Katherine H- she is wearing 3 Large Chain-Original at the same time!

Katherine H wears it on red carpet too!

Heidi Montag - high on hairband & Como Wrap!

Lightly pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

Shopping Queen Linsay Lohan

Linsay Lohan out at Tinseltown

If you dont know who is this BFF, watch out for our updates soon! :)

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