Monday, June 02, 2008

MAYA & RUHI Debut in Malaysia!

I've been a fan of Pearl's designs the first moment I saw them. (Pearl Bhasin, the ultra talented designer behind the label)
All MAYA & RUHI items are conceptualized and hand-crafted by Pearl herself.

I am absolutely hooked to her Klimt earrings! Her designs are glamour, fun, colourful and is definitely art piece to collect and invest in. I personally think that Pearl mixed up colors and stones the most unusual ways.

The first debut of MAYA & RUHI will be at our retail partner store ROBINSONS, The Garden from 4/6 - 17/7/08.
The beautiful crafts is on display at Ground Floor, Ladies Accessories Department of Robinsons. Prices start from RM99 - RM300

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions for her items.

Large Klimt with pearls and semi-precious stones

The legendary Klimt Earring with multi semi-precious stones

Another pair of my favourite Klimt

Love the color combination!

Amber Resin wrapped the Gold Hoops - hand-crafted!

Turquoise Klimt

This is a pair of medium size Klimt in Sterling Silver. Bright Citrine!

This looks fantastic in real. So edgy...

HooHoo Small Klimt with single Turquoise stone.

Small Silver Klimt with multiple semi-precious stones.

Medium Silver Klimt

Simple & elegant - i can think of ten dozen outfits to match with this!

Red Red Large Klimt!! Check out the twisted part.

Large Silver Klimt with Ametheyst + Turquoise

So very pretty!

If you belong to the same group of people like me, then it only takes second to fall in love with Pearl's creation. Limited pieces per styles (because they are all hand-crafted) so if you are keen let me know!

Signing off with excitement,


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