Saturday, October 11, 2008


It is almost impossible to ignore a VITA. We at Lush Icon love it to death! Everyone is always excited whenever we get a new batch of VITA.

The color, the texture, the craftmanship and the design are perfectly put together. Cynthia, the designer for VITA just has the right note for her accessories. And a plus point would be, she is super cool!

Check out some of the FW08 designs. Lovely.

This is the super popular CHAIN ORIGINAL series. M size.

LOVEEEEEE the purple of the season. Bangles x2.

Hello pretty MELLA! Adorned by Swarovski crystal. Color of crystal matched color of leather.

The Smart Looking Gold Stutted Lagina! comes in silver & gold hardware.

Ma-Ma-MIA! Swrovski crystal as bow. Lovely!

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