Tuesday, November 04, 2008

031108 ODE to Mr. Yamamoto + 3stripes

Just got my hands on my new order, and of course i squeezed out sometime to experiment with it.

I love to pair it with jeans, but guess i'll do more styling options in the future. today is pretty busy. sorry guys!

Ground Zero "Ordinary Fashion Victim" white top + Jordi Labanda Skinny + Y3.
Just HIM.
I took out the feather chain as the jeans wouldn't work with it.
BAYLENE Multiway KELLY top/tube dress + folded jeans.
Kind of like the jeans folded with the sneaker though.

Failed attempt of timer shot. *RUN RUN RUN*

Peeps i'll surely do another styling for the BAYLENE multiway piece. it is absoluately wonderful.

see ya!

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