Saturday, November 29, 2008

WIDE Influence

BAYLENE pants. my new favourite. very comfy. very stylish. My next best option before getting myself a Yohji or Ann D.
It has this petal shape/wavey cut-out on the right side of the pants. make the whole pants look so desirable than just a wide leg pants.
And of course the deep eggplant color. Lush at its best description.

Worn with my ARMAND BASI top. I know it seems like too many things, with the sleeves + the wave but i think they kind of cancel it out on each other & live in harmony together.
And the Pedder Red bootie.

And the VITA accessories.

Inspiration. But just way far from looking THAT cool.

Option 2 with the JORDI LABANDA top.
Again the prints seem to be loud, but i think they work out with the cool bottom part.

NO FEAR OF CHIC. indeed. its more like No Fear of Being Chic!


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Shaiful said...

Ann Demeulesteer rocks honey ... bring her in!!!