Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Should have do a posting on this piece long long back. Finally!
The focus is on the BAYLENE Aida Multiway . Its a tube/cape/skirt/toga as you like it!

Option 1.
Pink/White tee - JORDI LABANDA
Black Aida Multiway - BAYLENE
Jeans - LUCKY
Stripe Heels - HANSEL
Necklace - MAYA & RUHI

Full length of the tube top/short dress with the ribbon tie infront.

Clearer view of the bow - those are actually sleeves.

Rock chic glam necklace - MAYA & RUHI.

Option 2.
As a tube still, but with the bow tied at the back so it looks like a cute little dress.
That's the bow!
Option 3.
As a skirt.
Just push it down from the chest. HAHA. Bow tied at the back.
Here you go!

Option 4.
Its time to lose the jeans. this is simple and fast. with the bow tied infront now.

Option 5.
As a cape - with the zip at the back.

Option 6.
Still as a cape but with the zip at the front + a bow.
The back.
Well, the best part of this cape is that you can wear it as a back-cape... how do I explain that? OK like a batman cape? unfortunately my arms are kinda too big for the sleeves. LOL. So I'm sorry I cannot show you that option, i don't want to tear my precious!

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