Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Love the new batch of Elbo bags. Hot of the Fedex box and I'm getting very excited. They are just so sweet and cute!

You know the country of origin by a glance.

Elbo Reversible. the best seller.

This is the handbag, which is none reversible due to the bow outside.

Lush and shinny fabric.

This is the Reversible Potka baby.

Again, love the fabric.

This is the other side of me!

Bow Handbag again. My name is Jennifer.

Candifloss Bow Handbag.

Floral Reversible.

The other side. Sexy blue stripes.

Baby Potka in blue corduroy.

You can come closer.

Beaufitul English Floral.


A sweet tooth you'll get!

Natural prints + stripes.

So totally sailor!

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