Sunday, July 19, 2009

.Lets Oversized.

Everyone knows that I'm a slave to big bags, even fashion guru Ms. Carrie Rotfield forbidden that idea, I could not seem to stay away from sizable bags. They work so well for me and small dinner clutches always frustrated me. And therefore I'm most delighted when the trends bring back sizable-useful-clutches.

And now it is time to train more muscles and lessen shoulder ache by bringing a day clutch instead of a big shoulder bag.

But after some checking, I realized the so-called oversized by most brands are between 8inches to 12inces. That is just not oversized for me. I need a good 14inches and above to work it all out. And so the choices are less in this case.

I think Jane from Sea of Shoes has the most amazing poise when it comes to using oversized clutch, and I would die for the MMM clutch of hers (or her mum's).

Balenciaga, Iman and Marc Jacobs do have some cool oversized clutches. So is Ms. Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. as she is a fan of oversized bags too.
But for a day-in-day-out workaholic oversized clutch I have my eye on the affodable Kate Spade Austin Paolo.

I like the huge one on Kate.

Jane working the oversized python MMM clutch.

Another one. In bright yellow.

Iman makes cool clutches too.

The ultimate companion.

Marc Jacobs Airplane. Looks pretty hardworking.

Kate Spade Austin Paola.

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