Monday, July 27, 2009

There will be an empty space in here.

Whilst traveling back home from my business trip I've got a sad news that wrecked my heart.
The much loved and respected multi-talented Yasmin Ahmad has left us. She is the most recognizable creative talent in Malaysia, wearing many hats as a creative head at one of the big 4As agency, film maker and most importantly, she is someone who cares about the unity of the country.

There is no reason for me to write about who Yasmin Ahmad is here, because just like Michael Jackson (I'm not saying she IS Michael Jackson), you could find so many tributes, write-up, stories and achievement history about her.

As an amateur ad fanatic, I've always want to work my way towards the agency she was heading at the time and hoping that one day, our path will cross and I could learn from her.
And now I'm sorry that I would never have the chance of meeting her, working with her and learn the love she offers.
Because you see, there are just so few people who really care, especially in advertising. And she create ads and films that are so real and so full of love. People questioned her intention, but for me it is just labor of love.

She has this heart, the heart that creates things and films that mean so much. It is not a talent nor a practice that perfected overtime that won her so many awards in different industries, it was definitely the heart that did just that.

Thank you for the wonderful memory, the lesson and the love for all Malaysians.

As my friend Vincent says "You are not dead, you are just not here."

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