Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Influencial Style

First Lady is always a hard job. But the fashion world has never forget that you should dress to impress or present no matter how demanding your job function is, and everyday fashion critics are finding ways to analyze the dressing of these important ladies.

Everyone is taken by surprise the different rays of colors one can find in Mrs. Obama's closet, and she is not shy away from parading her best assets by wearing tons of sleeveless tops and dresses, even though traditionally a First Lady should not show too much of skin. I find it very healthy to display a strong sense of personal confidence in this way as oppose to the general will. I love the cardigans, and the fact that she has trying to stay relevant to most of her people by wearing cardigans, floral dresses and flats, even some of the items are from well known designers. 

But overall I love her styles, and has subscribe to her official fashion watch site Mrs. O. Can you believe it? There is probably a million sites that discuss her apparel on a daily basis.

Here are some of the latest.


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