Tuesday, September 01, 2009


MAYA & RUHI is one of the best sellers @ our store, and within a year of representing the label we now have 3 jewelry counters within the international branded department stores for this artisan jewelry label, in Kuala Lumpur.
Pearl Bhasin, THE artisan behind this whole concept of lovely crafted jewelry, is in fact, a good friend of mine. And the fact that she is so crazy, so simple yet extremely creative is what constantly inspired us to work hard for her little creation day-after-day.
MAYA & RUHI, as many are aware, is named after her two LOVELY daughters. And I can tell you these girls are going to grow up and break hearts. And I adore them. I'm glad these girls constantly inspired their mother to do such great job for us here.
Pearl uses semi-precious stones, non-tarnish wire, 14k gold filled wires and Swarovski crystals to pull out her ideas. And yes, she hand-strung everything together. No kidding.
Some of the latest arrivals @ our counters.

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