Friday, August 28, 2009

.Being French and Fashionable.

I have developed a serious addiction to her blog.
She is French, she is divine, she is cool, she is a photographer, she is a illustrator, she is a stylist, she is very fashionable and she has a boyfriend who takes superb photos.

Garance Dore is the epitome of stylish French women, with strong sense for capturing the right people for the right mood.
Check out her unique personal styles on the following 2 pictures, while catching the crowd for a snap. Heels and boots for a field day? Not a problem for Ms. Garance. She mentioned she dresses in heels for everything.

How cool is it when your boyfriend is Scott Schuman and he takes cool pictures of you? If you don't know, Ms. Garance is the one with this cutie short tier skirt and her Pierre Hardy peep toe boots.

And she takes great portrait like this.

And recognize the unique dressing sense in everyone.

I heart Ms. Garance Dore. Click on the above underlined names to visit these amazing fashion blog.

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