Saturday, August 01, 2009


Frida Kahlo, she needs no introduction. Just Google her name and you will find a million stories and images under her name.

This Mexican artist has drawn so many self-portraits through out her life, and tragedy stay with her through her life as well. She was seriously injured in a car accident was she was young and thus alter her life tremendously. In her later year not only she could not keep her baby safe in her womb, she also suffered greatly due to the spine injury caused by the accident.

But what I would want to say most about Frida Kahlo, is how much honesty she had in her painting. Her self-portrait was never, never to only show the good side of her. Instead, her painting shows the much shy-away lady 'mustache' and the real emotions. She paints real feeling and real life.

And the self-portraits of her with Diego Rivera on her forehead is the painting that I stared at the most. Frida Kahlo was obssed with loving Diego Rivera, and the ups downs in their marriage has affected her greatly, and thus the painful paintings.

Frida Kahlo in the original Mexico dressing.

Both images were taken by Nikolas Muray, her NY based boyfriend for a short period.

I love her look.

Obssed with Diego Rivera. So much of emotions shown here. Love and hatred.

Frida and Monkeys.

Heart broken. The different sides of her. We all have the same hidden face as well. But would you be so brave to paint your emotions plainly and lay it out?

Her sadness due to the miscarriages and unable to have babies.

Everyone in her mind. New life that she hoped so much that she would be able to give birth to.

Obssed to keep Diego Rivera with her. Hoping he will be her baby forever.

I love her paintings, and it is so true that hardship in life makes great mind. But yes, it was not us who suffered from the hardship. Instead we are enjoying great work born out of the hardship. How irony.

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